Concrete Placing Co., Inc., a General Contractor is a privately held Idaho Corporation, emphasizing concrete construction. Founded by Earl Ferguson in 1962, Concrete Placing Co., Inc. performed commercial concrete work within the Boise Valley. Over the years, Concrete Placing Co., Inc. has moved into other areas of construction where heavy-highway, concrete paving, and structures are involved. John B. Ferguson, Earl’s son, working in some capacity for Concrete Placing Co., Inc. since its inception, took over as Vice President and General Manager in 1974. John later became President and Chief Executive Officer in 1977. The Boise Company continues to evolve as the market demands different types of products and takes the company to new places geographically.

Under John’s leadership, Concrete Placing Co., Inc. has experienced continued growth by staying extremely versatile as the construction market continues to change within the Intermountain Region. Through this versatility, Concrete Placing Co., Inc. has completed projects and gained experience in areas attempted by very few contractors within the area. Concrete Placing Co., Inc. is licensed and pre-qualified in numerous states throughout the West and has self-performed projects ranging from bridges, interstate highways, aircraft aprons and runways, and hydroelectric dams and water tanks. The company has taken the time to gain expertise, acquire the proper equipment and utilize skilled people. Longtime employees give the company a masterful edge with all types of concrete construction.

Over the years, Concrete Placing Co., Inc. has built a management team capable and willing to take on projects of any scope or size. It is through this teamwork approach that all projects are managed and constructed. Concrete Placing Co., Inc.’s Idaho public works license number is 11514-AAA-1-2-3.

(208) 362-2100