Older Awards

CPC has been honored throughout its more than 60 years in the construction industry to have been recognized by various organizations for the excellent quality of work it provides. CPC has always taken pride in completing work that exceeds expectations. Our industry reputation continues to grow more distinguished with each completed contract. Through the years, CPC has gained recognition for its quality workmanship and overall excellence, including the awards listed below: here are some of the awards recognizing our work:

2011 Engineering Excellence Award

  • American Council of Engineering Companies of Idaho
  • I-84 Ten Mile Road Interchange
  • CPC built three structures for this award-winning project.

2009 Excellence in Paving

  • American Concrete Pavement Association, Utah Chapter, and the Utah Department of Transportation
  • I-80 State Street to 1300 East
  • Rated the best Portland Cement Concrete Pavement Urban Divided Highway Project Completed in 2009.
  • CPC was recognized here for its work to improve a 2-mile corridor of the Interstate, replacing pavement, improving ramps, adding lanes in each direction, and constructing 15 total structures.

2008 Concrete Excellence Award in Paving

Havre, Montana Urban Reconstruction Project

  • Montana Contractors’ Association, Inc. – Concrete Division
  • CPC was recognized for outstanding work as the concrete supplier for the US 2 – Havre Urban Reconstruction Project in Hill County, Montana.
  • CPC worked with the Montana Department of Transportation to upgrade 33 city blocks of roadway and sidewalk along the main street of Havre, Montana, to meet Americans with Disabilities Act standards. At the time, this was the MDT’s largest ever urban reconstruction project, and it changed the face of the city. The existing pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalk, and drainage facilities of the 2.4-mile section were repaired and upgraded. Along with updating US 2 to 5 lanes, two sections of the famed Havre Beneath the Streets to cast-in-place concrete structures designed to handle the weight of heavy trucks traveling above the tourist attraction while blending in with the rest of this historic feature of Havre. This project, like many, worked on by CPC, was completed ahead of schedule.

2007 Best Transportation Project

Maple Grove Widening Project

  • Recognized by the McGraw_Hill Construction Intermountain Contractors

2007 Silver Winner of the National Award for Excellence in Concrete Pavement

Redwood Road – 12600 South to 10600 South

  • Recognized in the State Roads category by the Utah Chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Association
  • Outstanding design and construction on the Redwood Road, 12600 South – 10600 South project, Salt Lake County, Utah

2005 Regional Award for Excellence in Concrete Pavement

US 93 from Ashley Creek to Kalispell, Montana

  • Awarded in the State Roads category by the Northwest Chapter of the ACPA.
  • Outstanding Design and Construction for work on US 93 from Ashley Creek to Kalispell, Montana.
  • CPC was recognized for this project paving three miles of this major tourist and haul route through Idaho and Western Montana. Despite many rain delays, this project was completed on time and to incredibly high standards – resulting in concrete 40% stronger than the minimum requirement and smooth enough to earn 99.5% of the potential smoothness incentive.

2005 Idaho Top Project from the Idaho Business Review

Wye Interchange of I-84 and I-184 in Boise, Idaho

  • CPC worked in partnership with other contractors to construct this interchange at this important junction of interstates in the Treasure Valley. This project eliminated a traffic-weave merger near the Cole Road on-ramp and another at the Franklin Road off-ramp. An eastbound lane to I-84 between the two off-ramps and a new westbound Overland Road exit. CPC also constructed five miles of sound walls to protect the surrounding areas from road noise.

2005 Regional Award for Excellence in Concrete Pavement

I-84 Glenns Ferry to King Hill in Elmore County, Idaho

  • Recognized by the Northwest Chapter of the ACPA for Outstanding Design and Construction in the Divided Highways (Urban and Rural) Division
  • CPC worked to crack and seat the existing concrete pavement and installed doweled PCCP on the westbound lanes of I-84 from the Glenns Ferry Interchange to the East King Hill Interchange. CPC removed temporary concrete barriers at bridge approaches and overpasses, installed rumble strips the interstate driving lanes, and modified a canal structure as part of this Elmore County construction project.

2004 Award in Recognition of Exemplary Teamwork in FOD Prevention

Mountain Home Air Force Base

  • CPC was recognized for their outstanding work in Foreign Objects Debris prevention for the 366th Fighter Wing at the Mountain Home Air Force Base. CPC distinguished itself with diligence to ensure that no Air Force equipment or assets sustained damage from foreign objects.

2003 Air Combat Command Construction Excellence Award

Mountain Home Air Force Base

  • PC rehabilitated the Mountain Home Air Force Base’s only runway, reconstructing 2,600 feet of runway and adjacent taxiways and milling and overlaying the Asphalt Cement Concrete pavement at the interior of the runway.
  • To gain this recognition, CPC exemplified contractor excellence in the areas of cost control, schedule, management, and quality product during this project. CPC’s gained this recognition due to careful coordination and attention to detail in completing this project on a very tight time schedule without time lost to accidents.

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